Website Design & Development in Farnborough

Animated billboard - website homepage ad - Rennie - Developed in Farnborough

We've all had some experience with a Rennie in our lives. Anyone who suffers from heartburn or indigestion *Raises hand* will have a pack of these on hand. We created animated billboard's for Rennie's website homepage advertising the benefits…

dhandafoss* Website Development

The lovely Brandologists over at Dhandafoss were in need of a shiny, new portfolio site. It's safe to say they were very pleased with their decision to approach DGTL for the task. A clever blend of HTML5, touch controls and animations resulted…

Norwich Union Rich Media Advertising

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Yahoo contents calculator for Norwich Union. Who ever thought insurance could be so exciting?! From boring data entry to a playful, intuitive and educational user experience. Try the demo. Designed lovingly in our web design studio in Farnborough,…