Your brand is the single most important investment you can make in your business.

- Steve Forbes

Logo Design

A good logo needs to encompass brand values and the consumer audience targeted. Proper communication, including client feedback, ensures that the brand direction and consumer message are well understood.

After learning about your company we move onto conceptual work. Here we go to the drawing board and experiment with everything from typefaces and fonts to the colour palette and theme.

Next, we go about refining the initial concepts. This stage is all about coming up with workable designs that are all close to the finished product. We feel it’s important to give you several choices to move forward from.

After further feedback from you, we then make any final tweaks to your desired design to make it perfect. You can tell a lot about a brand from it’s logo and we understand how important it is to make it right.


Branding is the process involved in creating a unique image of a product in the mind of a consumer. This is usually achieved through advertising campaigns that use consistent themes. The goal of branding is to establish a significant and differentiated footing in a market. As a result of this branding is a means to attract and retain loyal followers. There are many aspects that make up a brand; name, logo, tagline, graphics, shapes, colours, sounds, scents, tastes, movements, customer-relationship management. It is commonplace to find a combination of a large number of the above aspects. An example of how much of an impact a brand can make to everyday life can be seen with ‘Hoover’. Hoover is in the business of vacuum cleaners. Their impact has been so widespread that many people today refer to vacuum cleaners as ‘hoovers’.

Brand Awareness

Brand awareness refers to how a customer recalls your brand in their memory. It consists of brand recognition as well as brand recall and helps customers understand which product, or service category, that particular brand belongs to, and what products or services are sold under the brand name.

Brand awareness is crucial in any market, but particularly a highly contested one. For a customer to consider or follow your brand, they must be or be made, aware of it.

Brand Identity

This is the outward expression of a brand. Brand identity is generally concerned with brand; name, trademark, communications and visual appearance.

Brand identity reflects how the owner wishes a consumer to view his brand. This differs from the brand image which is concerned with a customer’s mental perception of a brand. Brand identities possess the potential to change or evolve, gaining new attributes from a consumer perspective.


Co-branded websites and partnerships make up a large part of the web. We have a lot of experience working with brands on both sides of the fence, as a provider and as partners. We can advise you on the pros and cons of co-branded products and how to successfully negotiate a co-branded lockup.

It’s common place for the larger partner in the deal to push the smaller guy down to the footer or at least below the fold. If you are in the process of building your brand you need to be pushing for as much visibility as possible.

Start your negotiations with your brand larger and higher up the page than you are happy to settle on. It sounds obvious but this give you room to negotiate. Starting out in the footer leaves you with little chance of moving up.

Brand Guidelines

Brand guidelines are an essential part of your businesses communications. You have invested a lot of time in your brand and you understand the message it should convey. How do you communicate this to: your team, your printer, website designer etc?

With a simple, usable brand guideline document you can communicate all the details necessary to understand your brand and how your brand should be applied across media. A typical brand guideline document will cover:

  • Example logos and usage instructions
  • Co-branded logos and sub-brand lockups
  • Colour palettes and usage guidelines
  • Typography
  • Photography & illustration – Examples of correct and incorrect usage
  • Example communications such as previous advertising collateral
  • Templates for flyers and promotional material
  • Example web templates and social media assets
  • Tone of voice

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