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Borough Coffee

Client The Borough Coffee Co.
Services Branding / Packaging / eCommerce
SECTOR Catering
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Helping deliver a five star coffee experience

The Borough Coffee Company creates a five star coffee experience by finding the best coffee making equipment and supplying the freshest coffee beans you will find. Their coffee is ethically sourced from farms and collectives located in the world’s best coffee regions. They Roast and blended to their own recipe in the UK.
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Simplicity, honesty and integrity

So many times we come across packaging that just isn't honest. Brown paper coffee packaging seems to be the right choice. Until you dig a little deeper and realise it's not brown paper. It's a foil pack made to look like brown paper. If you are tricking your customers at the offset how does that reflect on your brand?

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Simple solutions that ooze quality don’t need to cost the earth

Using the same simple pack for multiple products meant we could have a full updated product range from the outset with minimal overheads.

The clean clear and honest design reflects the integrity of the brand and accentuates their core values.

“Treating our beans with respect from farm to cup is as important to us as the process that happens when they meet the barista.”

You can find The Borough Coffee Company in Five Star hotels and restaurants, gastro pubs and artisan coffee shops throughout the UK.

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It's not always about sell, sell, sell

The Borough Coffee Company is a B2B service supplying Hotels, Restaurants and Coffee Shops around the UK. Their website is a simple brochure which gives a clear overview of their products and services whilst enforcing their beliefs that "We are dedicated to sourcing our beans from coffee-producing estates where environmental responsibility is paramount".

A great brand with great values.

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