Social Media Marketing

Grow your business with social media marketing

Launch products, increase brand awareness, and drive sales. From help and advice to fully managed social campaigns.

Let’s start things off with some eye-opening stats:

  • More than 50% of the global population use social media 
  • The average user spends 2 hours+ per day on social networks
  • Facebook is still the largest social network with 1.82 billion daily active users
  • Over 40% of all internet users us social for Brand research
  • Over 90% of social media users are mobile

With such a high volume of users that is continually on the rise, you can see why a Social Media Campaign is an essential addition to your business.

How can social media marketing help my business?

  • Create a community – Connect with new customers and keep existing ones engaged.
  • Communicate directly with customers – From pre-sales to after-care social is the number one place to communicate with customers old and new.
  • Build brand awareness – Increase brand recognition, core values, and your USPs.
  • Increase traffic – Drive traffic to your website.
  • Track your ROI – Measure your performance, learn, and adust effectively. 
  • Research –  Gather data from potential customers.

Target the Right Audience

Social media marketing has the potential to target the right audience for your business and get them talking about it. Securing a large following can happen relatively quickly, especially as it grows exponentially. Here at DGTL, we think social media marketing is one of the most effective and most affordable marketing strategies out there.

A successful social media campaign can directly generate profit for your business and attract long term, engaging followers that have the potential to spread your message.

I want to focus on running my business

We manage social for you. By utilising our content marketing skills we engage customers with bespoke, shareable content that is unique, consistent, and on-brand. From articles and infographics to games and polls we engage customers and build communities. 

We optimise the use of multiple platforms to deliver video, articles, polls, and games across social allowing you to target the full spectrum of consumers no matter where they hang out online. 

Why choose us?

We’ve created content for some of the biggest brands on the planet over two decades. During this time we’ve learnt some valuable insights which we are ready to share with you. We’re extremely passionate about what we do but most of all we want your business to succeed.