Most business models have focused on self interest instead of user experience

- Tim Cook

Bespoke user interfaces to solve complex interactions

User interface design – UI

Great user interface design is about helping users achieve their goals with the least amount of friction. It supports the overall user experience along with typography, visual design, copy, and tone of voice. It’s about being usable without drawing undue attention to itself. It needs to function well, with no bells and no whistles. Clean, clear, simple, precise. Great user interfaces also need to be flexible (website localisation being a prime example) and scalable to accommodate additional features that may be added later in the product lifecycle.


The goal of prototyping is to iron out any interaction issues before we get too far into the web design and coding process. We check interactions and functionality, page layouts, navigation and tone of voice.

We always aim to identify key user tasks and goals, then create prototypes to ensure these goals are achievable.

This is a very quick way to get feedback and sense-check ideas. It takes very little time to create a paper prototype and can save hours of development time in the long run.

User Testing

We need to ensure that our target users can achieve their goals as simply and effectively as possible. After investing many hours into designing a product your eyes become used to it. Usability is about getting a fresh perspective through the help of usability testers. When testers come in, we set them specific tasks, enabling us to see the product from their perspective. After testers have shared their insights some small tweaks to a product may be made. There should be no big surprises at this stage, we’ve been doing this a long time and we are a very experienced team

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