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WordPress development

We’ve been building WordPress themes and plug-ins for as long as we can remember (well, almost), and it remains a firm favourite with our designers and developers here at Dgtl HQ. Despite its heritage as a blogging tool, WordPress has gone from strengh to strength in recent years to become a good all-round CMS platform, and is particularly well suited for small to medium sized blogging and marketing sites. The content creating and editing tools are feature rich and user friendly, and in our view are WordPress’ single biggest strength. We’re also big fans of the Yoast SEO plugin, which is an essential tool for understanding both how your site’s pages will be seen by search engines, and ensuring they are fully optimised for your target keywords.

Drupal development

Drupal is a household name in the world of Content Management Systems, and is currently powering some of the Web’s best known websites. We’ve been building sites in Drupal for many years now, from Intranet sites and applications up to The National Museum of Computing at Bletchley Park, so we’re well equipped to take on your next Drupal project. Although Drupal can also be used for small to medium blogs and marketing sites, it really excels when used as a platform for larger community oriented sites where visitor contribution is a key goal, and features a very comprehensive and granular permissions system that offers far greater flexibility than WordPress.

HTML email

Email marketing is still a big deal, and the most successful campaigns still need the visual appeal that only an HTML email can provide. Building attractive email campaigns that look good on the broadest possible range of email clients and devices is like stepping back in time to the earliest days of the Web—and the original “Browser wars”. Luckily for us, we were building sites back then too (and we’ve got the grey hairs to prove it), so we’re well equipped to take on the challenge.

Bespoke Web development

Not every kind of web site or application can or should be built in a fully baked content management system or an ‘off the shelf’ framework. Sometimes only a completely custom solution will do, and we’re certainly not afraid to “roll our own” when the project calls for it. Yahoo are a good example of a client who, owing to their scale and therefore infrastructure, have some very specific technical requirements that preclude our usual “go to” frameworks and tools. We developed our own micro PHP framework for use on Yahoo’s custom LAMP stack that integrated tightly with their internal tools and services, including their own customised versions of Apache, PHP and associated custom modules. We built micro-sites for Nikon, Mazda and Nokia using these tools, and all with great success
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Responsive Web Development

No longer the sole preserve of the “webmaster”—usually somebody in the IT department who felt like taking on the job, or the nephew who was “good with computers”—developing sites and services for the Web has become a serious software engineering discipline. Today’s multi-device websites, or “responsive” as the fashionable nomenclature would have it, are a technical challenge in themselves, and that’s before you consider integration with a CMS (WordPress, Drupal et al.), performance (network optimisation, browser rendering and so on), accessibility (ARIA) and many other issues too numerous to mention.

At Dgtl we take all of these things and many more into consideration when building websites and associated tools and services for our clients, so you can be assured that the finished product not only looks great but is also engineered to the highest standards.

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