With the array of social media platforms ever-growing, it’s hard to know where to focus your limited time. You could just go full send and post all of your content on every social media platform and that may work for you. However, focus is essential for social success. By focusing on the platform that’s right for your business you will enjoy a higher engagement rate with the right kinds of clients.

There’s one simple question to answer…

Q. Is my business B2B or B2C?

A. B2B


If you are a B2B business then without a shadow of a doubt LinkedIn is your go-to place. The best bang for the buck place to hang out and attract new business. Advertising on linked in is definitely worth a shot for you. Go there, spend some time testing and learning and it will pay dividends.

A. B2C

Facebook & Instagram

You get double bubble here as you can cross-post and advertise between the two. This is where the consumers hang out so it’s time to hang out with them. Create groups around your unique niche, get involved and share your voice. With a Facebook store, you can sell directly from your page or even messenger.

But what about TikTok?

TikTok is growing fast and should not be ignored if you are a B2C business then having a presence on TikTok will become essential. The audience age is growing too, starting out with the kids their parents soon clicked with it and shared the stoke. If you are creating video content then posting here too is a must.


A Twitter presence is a must for all even if you don’t use it daily. Help keep your clients updated on news – good or bad. Keep them in the loop and use as a first response support tool which gives maximum transparency. A place to show off your customer service skills.