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Client The Daru Club
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A unique new brand becomes the Bartender's choice

The Daru Club is a premium Wine & Spirit supplier offering only the finest beverages, sourced from unique distilleries worldwide and delivered to your door anywhere in the United Kingdom. DGTL created a unique brand and shopping experience based on the ever-popular Shopify platform. Designed, built and launched in Q1 2021. Look out for their fabulous cocktails and mixology tips to spice up your summer party.

Long Island iced tea Cocktail Recipe – The Daru Club – Article
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The all-inclusive Ladies & Gentleman's Club

Based on the Gentleman's clubs of old we created a brand that reaks sophistication and quality. Inclusive to ladies and gents alike we've created a world where cocktails are enjoyed and the story content flows. Marketing without spamming is a challenging feat but with a cocktail list spanning the globe we're able to share daily, keep relevant and most of all add value to inboxes.

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Don't reinvent the wheel and focus on what's unique

Building on the Shopify platform allows us the confidence to create a store that's easy to manage for our clients, secure for their customers and scalable for the future. By doing this we can focus on the unique challenges a store may face and the small details that make them different.

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It's never about sell, sell, sell

Of course, sales are the lifeblood of a retail business. However, it's value-added content that's key to the longevity of a store. In this instance, we feature the unique distilleries that are behind some of the finest drinks on the market. These small businesses pour their heart and soul into creating some of the finest spirits on the market and we proudly feature them front and centre. It's these companies that make The Daru Club what it is... The bartender's choice.

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